This Is Bear Country, Northern Berkshire County Mass.
The Bear Aware, Bear Facts, And Bear Link Pages

North American Bear Center In Ely MN
NABC's Dr. Lynn Rogers 48 Years With Bears
Ben Kilham Another Expert On Bears
Mother Bear Man Ben Kilham
The Bear With Us Home Page
New Englander Gone West For The Bears
FAQ's About Black Bears Mass Wildlife
Black Bear Behaviour
Black Bear News
Appalachian Bear Rescue
Bear Country USA
Here Are Some Short Videos Of Me And My Friends

If You Run From A Black Bear, Or They Run From You, Well I Guess You Will Never Get To Know Them.
Stay There, Stand Your Ground, Speak Calmly, Walk Away Slow, He Or She Is More Afraid Of You Than You Are Of Them.

More Details Here A Must Read With A Lot Of Bear Facts

Just Grin And Bear It